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  Dome Rafters


Tower Exterior   Sheet Rock Base






Staging Sketch Cartoon  










After two years of work our dome mural is finally complete. This was a difficult and enjoyable project. Starting with the laminating of the round rafters and the hanging of the sheet rock, followed by the preparation for and the laying out of the cartoons for the artwork.
When trying to decide which of the old world masters works to copy; I was fortunate to discover the ARC web site, for the uninformed this is a virtual art museum which contains many thousands of pieces of art, with art history and copies for sale.
The artist I chose to copy was William Bouguereau a French artist whose skill made for the most challenging teacher of flesh color and composition I could find.
He also had a sunrise and a sun set painting that I could place on the east and west sides of the tower and then it was to decide on the north and south sides, which ended up being a Young Girl Defending Herself Against Cupid on the north and the Rapture of Psyche on the south.
Once that was decided on the most challenging part of the mural was to blend all four of Mr. Bouguereaus paintings together in a pleasant manner. This part took many repaints and re working as one area would turn out great but would not blend in with the next section. Most muralists eliminate this problem by simply placing scrollwork panels around each section separating them with smaller panels in between filled with background composition, but I chose the hard way and linked each together in a continuous flow.
What a great way to appreciate an artists work and also a wonderful way to learn from a great man who has been gone for a century.